Sunday, February 13, 2011


First, I'd like to thank all of the new followers/viewers who have come along and saw enough to click on that button and check out my latest posts via email.  I appreciate you all.

Second, I'd like to apologize to the many followers I've picked up that use a Cyrillic text in their blogs that I can't translate.  I would love to feature you in a Sunday Sharing but don't feel like I can tell what the blog is about enough to be able to do that.  Perhaps another time?  I do appreciate all of you, though, and hope you understand.  While the world is getting smaller, it still seems like English, Spanish, French and Italian are the easiest to translate and read when it comes to the blogger world.  Again, my apologies - but it anyone does read these well, there are several followers to visit from the follower block on my sidebar.

Now, for today, let's talk about a couple of my newest followers:

1.  A Blob of Color??  I don't think so.  This blog, by artist Cristina Dalla Valentina (of Verona, Italy), has the most delicately painted watercolors I've seen in a while.  Absolutely gorgeous!  The kind of watercolors that make you say, "Why can't I do?  How long has she been painting?  Why can't I do that?"  Go over, visit, and look at the sheer watercolor beauty (she also shares her sketches) - one that takes my breath away is  It doesn't get any better than this - and now you can count to three in Italian :)

2.  Joseph Cator calls his blog A Beautiful Lie after the quote by artist, Edgar Whitney:  "I don't want it true - instead, I want a beautiful lie!"  Some of the finest drawings I've seen can be found here, and beautiful soft watercolors.  Excellent work is being done by Mr. Cator and I intend to add him to my sidebar (along with Ms. Valentina) so I can continue to check on his (and her) work.  If you do the same, you won't be disappointed in the quality of work they display throughout their blogs.

3.  Cori Berg shares not only artwork on her blog but photos and daily thoughts, plus she has a Saturday Sharing day where she shares blogs she's come across that she wants you to know about.  Her blog is called Sacred Arts and there is something spiritual and compassionate about her postings.  Go see and see if you agree that here is another to keep an eye on.

I've had so many new followers join just since last Sunday.  I'm sorry if I skipped anyone - but it's hard to keep up when you have a little burst like that (not that I'm complaining as I seem to be close to the 110 mark now - not that I'm counting! ha ha)

When you find an artist you love and follow, check our their sidebar and see who they are following and you may find someone special just waiting for you.  Check out their followers, too.  Great ways to gather new artists to watch!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I hope you have something good planned for yourself or a loved one.  Celebrate the day with red and pink and chocolates and spa days and new clothes and whatever makes you happy.  Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about couples - maybe right now you are not part of a couple.  It should be about love and that means loving yourself and caring for yourself as much as you love and care for others.  So...that new pair of shoes you've been wanting, that new brush or tube of paint you've been putting off --- go get them!


L Young said...

Happy Valentines Day to you Rhonda.

Jane said...

Rhonda, you are such a generous and positive person, I'm glad to have "discovered " you.

Gaylynn said...

Rhonda, Thank you for sharing.I especially enjoyed Christina. I am going to follow your lead and keep an eye on her work to enjoy and hopefully learn from her beautiful brush strokes.

Sadami said...

Dear Rhonda,
Thank you for the lovely blog info. Happy Valentine!!
BTY, if a language belongs to a same language group such as an Indo-European group, they are in the same language family=brothers and sisters. Your illustrated languages are good examples. Google translate works well. Challenging is translation between different language groups --eg) Japanese vs English. But I believe art is a universal language that overcomes any obstacle on the earth.
Kind regards, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Linda!

Jane, thank you so much :)

Gaylynn, I'm glad to share artwork that is amazing, like Cristina's!

Thank you, Sadami! I may have to visit one of these blogges and see if I can translate the words to learn more about them. It seems wrong to have them excluded due to the language. You're right about art being universal - you don't need to read the blog to view the artwork and enjoy it.