Saturday, October 17, 2009


Cindi included me in her list of bloggers to receive a Kreativ Blogger award. I am honored to be in the list of artists she chose - some were old "friends" to me and some were new. Do check them out on Cindi's blog here:

And to pass this on, I first have to list 7 things about me and then send it on to 7 bloggers. I will do that later this weekend after thinking about some old friends and maybe some new bloggers out there who can use the push towards their sites. Seven things? Hmmmm....
1. I always felt very short until I married Jerry and met his adult daughters, both under 5 feet tall; now I feel tall when we have a family gathering.
2. Although I don't spend enough time with my grands, I love that marrying Jerry meant I got to be a grandma without having had to go through the work of being a mom!
3. Anything blue - clothing, paintings, skies, rivers - is uplifting to me and I prefer cool colors to warm any day.
4. My favorite seasons (contradicting the cool colors thing) are autumn and spring.
5. I convinced people for a long time that my middle name was Sam. It's not.
6. I don't like to wear shoes and remove them as soon as I get into the house and Jerry has to tell me to put on socks when I get cold because I don't have shoes on. I go outside to get the mail barefoot and walk around the yard barefoot. I guess that's from years of wearing those pointy-toed high-heeled dress shoes to work.
7. Ran out of things - you can make one up and share it here if you want!!!


Rosemary said...

7. Very talented and fun to know! Congrats re the award! Easy to see why Cindi passed it on to you! Am enjoying this visit to your blog and will return often!

Cindi said...

hey kiddo.. bare feet??? i knew we had some thing else in common!!! wish i could figure out how to NEVER wear shoes.. luckily for me i live in area where the snow doesnt fall or id have to give in lots more to the shoe thing, than i'd like!!! have a fun day!

RHCarpenter said...

How sweet, Rosemary! You can visit my blog anytime! ha ha
Oh, yes, snow doesn't stop me, either as I've been known to go to the mailbox - quickly - in bare feet in the snow! ha ha

debwardart said...

7. Very detail oriented! (And that's a "good thing"!)
Your SWAP painting really does look like your cat! How neat!
p.s. I know the real reason why you don't wear shoes - you live in KENTUCKY!!! (Don't know what Cindi's reason is, tho!)

shicat said...


RHCarpenter said...

Well, you're right about the detail oriented (although I don't paint that way!), Deb. Yep, we don't need no shoes down yere in Kentuck! ha ha