Friday, October 9, 2009


Well, I am now the proud owner of Radiance, a watercolor monotype, by Marilyn Bishop! Isn't it just gorgeous?? It flows with energy and power and is like lava flowing into the deep dark blue of the ocean.

If you live in the area, do stop in at Caribou Coffee Shop (address is on her blog) for a coffee and to see her 15 paintings/prints on display in that great venue. There wasn't a single one she had that wouldn't be a fabulous addition to your walls at home :)
I left Radiance there on the walls so Marilyn can put a red SOLD sticker on it. I think, psychologically, that helps others open their purse-strings and buy something they might normally be hesitant about. But I have to tell you, you won't get better original artwork anywhere for less - she has extremely reasonable prices (I mean, even I could afford anything in the show).
And good news! Ken gave me a very generous discount on matting and framing Am I Blue for the show :)
I am one happy girl, in spite of the eternal aspect of rain...who cares...I'll put on my crocs and go jump in the puddles! I hope you are having as great a day as I.


Deb Léger said...

Beautiful painting, Rhonda! Makes me think of a sunflower in the rain. That's great news about your frame.

Christiane Kingsley said...

Congratulations on your addition to your collection, Rhonda. This painting is indeed so full of energy! I love it.
The sun is shining here in Ottawa today for the first time in many days. I wish you some sunshine soon too.
Take care.

Sandy Maudlin said...

What a treat to get a new work of art. Sounds like a very good show.