Friday, March 27, 2009

Passion for Painting - Three More Award Winners + ONE

For this second set of winners, I've followed the same rules I set (yes, I broke the original rules - hey, that's what artistic people do!). So you get 2 of my favorites you can find on my blogroll and one new blogger/artist I have recently discovered and will be returning to again.


1. Joan Sandford-Cook ( - her work is lovely, whether it is in watercolor or oils; whether she is depicting her own garden flowers in her garden sketchbook, painting her village scenery, or just sharing some small things she's working on and showing how she has mastered yupo.

2. Nava Attia-Benoit ( - her work ranges from wonderful, loose portraits in gorgeous colors to life drawing workups and she has a good sense of color and composition that shows in everything she does.

3. James and Ona K ( over at Emotive Expressions share a printmaking (giclee) business and a painting blog with Ona's watercolors light and imaginative and thrilling to see. You have to pop over and read Operation Lemonade (what would happen if oranges in still life setups had feelings?!)

And for that extra person who deserves this Passion for Painting award - definitely, absolutely, without a question:
4. Margaret Storer-Roche ( Now why is Margaret Ann so special? Well, it's not just her artwork, which is divine and makes me envious and also happy whenever I see it - it's the fact that this woman will sketch while hooked up to electrodes for a stress test!!! No kidding! You have to pop over and see her latest sketch, Wired :) Love ya, Margaret Ann, love your artistic ability, your creativity and your strong spirit!

So, take a bow fellow artists and accept your award here:


Margaret Ann said...

OOOOOH MY! My jaw is still on the ground...what beautiful and kind words...Thank you ever so much for thinking of me...I am touched...goodness!!!

Nava said...

"wonderful, loose portraits in gorgeous colors"

Wow, Rhonda - THANK YOU! That is one cool award! I am truly honored. And taking a bow. And now I need to find the rules to pay it forward, right?

RHCarpenter said...

Margaret Ann, you have to be prepared for viewers to fall in love with your work if you put it out there :) Glad you are happy about this!
Nava, you rock, girl, and you should know it!
To pay it forward - tell on your blog 7 things you are passionate about - and send the little award on to 7 others. And enjoy!!!