Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Passion for Painting - Pass it On

My friend and artist PAL, Ann Buckner, just named me as one artist who should get the Passion for Painting award (originally created by Kim Ratigan).

I am always surprised and honored when I get one of these online awards. I do think I either have a passion for painting or an obsession with it - if I'm not painting, I feel I should be painting - even when I'm not inspired! And since this one is really true, I will pass it on and give you a list of 7 passionate things in my life:

1. My husband
2. Painting
3. My family
4. The sight of spring flowers bursting out of the ground after a nice gentle rainy day
5. Color color and more color, especially Cobalt Blue/Royal Blue/French Ultramarine Blue
6. A walk in a new landscape
7. My friends who are always there for me - online, offline, in person or by email :)

And now to choose 7 artists to pass this on to...which I will do after I make a list...

Thanks, Ann!

And I'm going to change the rules a bit. I'm going to list 2 artists you already know from seeing them on my blogroll - and you know they are passionate about painting and art in all its forms. Plus, I'm going to give you a bonus of one new artist/blogger I've discovered recently that is definitely passion about painting and art and that I think you should discover, also. So here is the first set:

1. Laura's Watercolors - Her work is soft, romantic, light, airy, and so much what watercolor is when it's pure and light.

2. Chris Beck and her blog, "I'm Painting as Fast as I Can" - Chris has become an online friend just since discovering her marvelous artwork. Now Chris takes watercolor to the extreme - intense colors, strong, bold and in your face in all the very best ways!

3. Gwen Buchanan from Desideratum - I just found Gwen and her work, everything from photos to sketches to watercolors to jewelry, Gwen has a passion for all art and I love her blog so I'll be returning again to catch up and put her on my blogroll in the future. You should check out her blog, too! Plus she lives in Canada near the Bay of Fundy - how cool is that?

So ladies, put on your best party dresses, hats and gloves, and accept your awards for your passion!


Chris Beck said...

Rhonda, I am SO honored!! Thank you. You didn't realize it, but your award coincides with my first blogiversary -- this Saturday! Watch my blog for some surprises too!!

Gwen Buchanan said...

Hi Rhonda,
It was such a pleasure to have you visit my little part of the world for a while... I am so surprised and flattered by your bestowing on me this award.. you are too kind altogether!.. Thank you so much!!!

It has been a pleasure to tour through your blog too...I really enjoyed it..

I was painting hands the other night too!! your works are lovely..

All the Best, Gwen

RHCarpenter said...

Chris and Gwen, you both deserve this little "award," to commemorate your passion for art and painting and all other things artful :) Happy Blog Anniversary, Chris - will be checking to see what you have on Saturday as a celebration!
Gwen, one of my husband's places to see is the Bay of Fundy - haven't been there yet but may get up there someday :)

laura said...

Thank you, Rhonda, for the award and for the very nice things you say about my paintings in your post! I'm most flattered, too, to be in the company of Gwen, whose blog (and jewelry!) I've enjoyed for some time now, and Chris, whose blog I happened on recently.