Saturday, March 14, 2009

Magazine Stuff

I finished my recent copy of Watercolor magazine, reading it cover to cover as I always do. I love that magazine! Here are just a few of the artists who were featured.

I would like to take a workshop from Pat Weaver someday - love her strong colors and values in all her paintings.

This man captures the feeling of fading species and the fragility of certain species with a humorous touch (if that is possible, he does it).

Love her portraits...

And this man's art blows me away! Such detail, such intricacy, such beauty, so many glazes!!! I could never have the patience for this but I love the look.

We have a busy weekend planned out with lots of socializing (with which I am not always that comfortable). I may have something to share by Monday...or not. I've decided to stop putting pressure on myself to put something on here every day or so. No one but the devoted Daily Painters seem to be this regular with their posts, so why should I? More time painting and/or drawing and less time on the computer should be a good thing.

Another thing, I may stop showing everything. If it doesn't work, why show it? I've found that most artists show their good stuff, their gallery stuff, their archived stuff that shines, not their bad paintings, their failures, their attempts that didn't quite hit the mark. So if I don't like it, I may not show it - that way you'll begin to think I am much better than I am! ha ha

Seriously, I just need a small break - consider it a spring break! I know all your bloggers out there understand :)


Vicki Greene said...

Enjoy your break and don't feel the least bit guilty.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki. I'll try to break the habit of the computer a bit more...

Margaret Ann said...

Thanks for sharing some great art resources.

I think we might all be better off "stepping away from the computer" and living life a bit...We just planned a short getaway for April...which means no computer time...should prove interesting...:)

Enjoy do what you want to do! :)

debwardart said...

I always enjoy your posts - good or bad, you are not afraid to put it out there!
I envy you the time to read - haven't had a chance lately to do that but am hoping for a quiet day in the next few weeks to sit and read.

RHCarpenter said...

Margaret Ann, and Deb - always take some time to breathe and relax a little. No need to add art to our lives just to have it cause stress!