Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Happy Spring

is being a tease
here in my part of the world.

So warm
you think summer
is just around the corner
on Tuesday and Wednesday,
as you take your daily walk
around the neighborhood
and view all the flowers trying to bloom.

Then Thursday
it turns a bit rainy and cold
and you have to dig out your winter coat again.
Today, 38F.
Fickle spring weather.


Sandy Maudlin said...

Vibrant daffodils and darling little chicks!!!!!

laura said...

Those daffodils are fabulous, and the chicks!

debwardart said...

Gotta luv da chikins! Very nice daffodils. Cincy area weather - what can I say!

Nava said...

I can almost smell the daffodils - they are so cheery.

Our freesias haven't waited for the official first day of spring, and are blooming like crazy for a couple of weeks now. The scent is divine - too bad they'll be gone before April.

Oh, Oh - and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Bright cheerful daffs and darling little chicks - what more could we ask at Spring time. Your Bluegrass weather seems the same as here in East Anglia England. Thankfully it is lovely again today all shiny bright and blue skied.

Angela said...

Up here too!
Earlier this week it was beautiful, nearly everything was melting, no jackets needed - then yesterday we got a sudden snowstorm that lasted about an hour, but it was still awfully cold all day - and now it's wonderfully warm, but gray and muddy!

Mother Nature just seems to be having an awfully hard time letting go of winter this year!

Love to see your daffodils and chicks! I don't have daffies, but will hopefully have lots of irises to sketch before too long!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Sandy, Laura, Deb, Nava, Joan and Angela for your comments on spring, the chicks and daffs :) We do have daffs in our neighborhood and trees blooming so beautifully - but the cold weather is not past us yet.
These are both older paintings - but they made me think of spring. For us, Nava, the true sign of spring in the air is a neighbors hedgerow of forsythias turning brighter and brighter yellow and filling out :)

Chris Beck said...

I miss spring in the midwest. The excitement of seeing the little green shoots poking out of the ground, the first spring flowers... Thanks for some great daffies and cute chicks!!