Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Trickle Down - Do Over

I received this very nice piece of Twinrocker (made in Indiana) paper as a Christmas present from Sandy Maudlin. It is 10.5" x 28" and I thought it would work beautifully for my redo of Trickle Down. I'm always drawn to odd shapes in paintings and I know, if this succeeds, it will be a bear to mat and frame. But what the heck, right? (Thank you, Sandy!)

First, I lightly sketched what I wanted on the paper, looking at 2 photos of the pitcher plants. Then I misketed the shoots coming up from the bottom and some of the thin "stems" of the plants coming from the top.

Next, I put a bit of pale yellow (also a new pigment I received from Sandy) on the flowers and then mixed up several colors (a bit of Prussian Blue, the yellow - Bismuth Yellow, and some Carbazole Violet), and painted where the background will be. (I had a mix of a raw sienna/goethite and a nameless blue - it has a name but I don't recall what color I put in the mix - and I used it here and there, too, which is where you see the warmer color.)

The Twinrocker has a deckle edge all around that is beautiful so I painted right to the edges. The paper (coldpress 140#, I think) really slurps up the paint so I got some blossoms here and there that worked well for the background.

So that's it for today. More to come tomorrow...


Vicki Greene said...

Very, very nice. Twinrocker paper in a neat shape and those beautiful colors. Makes me want to go paint.

shicat said...

I love the odd shape of the painting and how the flower go right up to the tippy top!

blog upset resolved thanks for you insight.

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Adore these panoramic shapes and often order canvases in them. Like what you are doing - with all the previous experimentation, it has set you free. Lovely colours. Happy New Year.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much, Vicki, Cathy and Joan.
Vicki, I know you're doing colored pencil work now but maybe drop in a few loose watercolors, too, when you need a break :)
Cathy, I had a dream last night that some woman was looking at a painting I did and she said, "That will never sell! No one wants their painting at the top of the page like that."
Joan, I always like panoramic style paintings but have never done one - just had to have the right piece of watercolor paper, I guess.

Happy New Year!

Chris Beck said...

This is a scrumptious looking start. Love the panoramic format too!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Chris - and although I didn't post on your blog, Happy Anniversary!!!

Deborah A. Léger said...

Hi Rhonda,

Love the shape of the paper (you could always float it on top of a mat for framing)! The backruns work beautifully for the background. Looks great!!