Friday, December 12, 2008

More Quotes on Planning Your Work

From the latest Watercolor magazine:

"I'm very flattered when people tell me that my work looks as though it is done quickly. Actually, it is all very carefully planned out."
--- Nicholas Simmons (

They say you can't correct in watercolor, but you can. The first rule is not to make mistakes, so you need to spend some time visualizing the process before you put brush to paper."
--- Domenic DiStefano (84 and still painting and teaching and showing his work)

"Watercolor requires a great deal of planning..."
"Painting is 75 percent thinking and 25 percent putting brush to paper."
--- Nancy Gaucher-Thomas (


shicat said...

Amen, I need to get into that thinking mode. I do love to experiment and being freed up from concern about the end result allows me to practice,which is what I really need. I am a rather emotional and impulsive painter. In watercolor class I noticed the painters that were satisfied coping a picture with careful and refined techniques. I knew I was unable to be that way and while their paintings were beautiful and superior to mine, it just wasn't in my soul. As long as I am growing and learning,that is all that matters. oh, and enjoying ....

RHCarpenter said...

Cathy, I think planning more and painting less - or less frantically, in my case - is always a good idea. The goal will be to maintain the enthusiasm for the painting once I get into it - whenever that will be. It does seem like the "greats" you see in all the regional and national shows plan a lot more than I do :) Maybe after the planning, you can be intuitive and impulsive with the painting part!