Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday, September 3, 2007 - Scrubbed Off Portrait

Put it under the tap in the tub and scrubbed it a bit with my hand - and this is what I have left. Now, one problem is that the dragonfly is right on the nose area of the face and it distracting and hard to work around. So maybe I need to rethink the position of this or maybe do something different with it.
After seeing Judy Anderson demo and talk at our Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society meeting today, I'm in the mood to try new things. She uses watercolor paints, gouache, waterproof inks, gel medium and matte medium on her paintings and even gessoes on tempered masonite and paints on that! Suggestions always welcome - what should I do with this one? Another portrait try or something different?

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