Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday, October 13, 2007 - Open Figure Session

I haven't taken the time to work more on the dragonfly or the portrait but here's what I did in my open figure session this morning. The 1st one is in graphite pencil and took about 1 hour. The 2nd one was started in pale yellow pastel pencil, then I reworked the shadowed areas in orange and a touch of brown. (This is how Jason Franz said to try to get the modeling of the body better. He said putting down the yellow first keeps that area light - you can't go dark using yellow but you can then put in the darks with other colors.)
I actually spent more time measuring and comparing on the 1st one (which looks okay but not quite right) than I did in the 2nd one which seemed to flow more naturally. Could be because it was the second hour, could be that drawing with the pale yellow lightens my marks more so less erasing and changing.

And I don't know who James H. Boren is (will have to google him) but I love this quote:
"When in doubt, mumble;
when in trouble, delegate;
when in charge, ponder." James H. Boren

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