Friday, October 5, 2007

Friday, October 5, 2007 - Three More

Reworked the portrait of Mr. Forbes - softened his mouth, worked on the light around his left eye and worked on the moustache a bit more. Done.

Reworked Susan's Dragonfly painting, too, darkening here and there to bring out some details. Done.

Also, in the mood to experiment and play after the Judy Anderson demo and talk Wednesday, I got out my white gouache, tinted it with colors along the way, added that to a true "dog" of a painting because it's bad bad bad - lost all the lights - and it's dogwood! ha! So with some gouache, some more watercolor paint, some blue ink (only color besides black I had), redid this thing. Now, it's not a good painting by any means but I think I learned how to bring back some things in a painting - of course it's not watercolor anymore but mixed media - but I played with the design a bit and the materials (haven't worked with gouache much but Judy Anderson says she uses it all the time, mixing an off-white with her watercolors - plus she has lots of inks in various colors). I like the bars of ink like a fence but I don't like how I aped the angle of the one bar with the flower stem :( Judy says put tracing paper over your "dog" (what she calls an unsuccessful painting) and work out the changes on the tracing paper before going in with paint but, of course, I didn't do that or I would have seen that stem was not right and there is an X of the stems crossing, too. Oh, well, like I said, it was a play time thing.

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