Friday, November 5, 2021



Not fun.

Four weeks of 

Not fun

in this blue cast.

And then,

if it’s healing well,

four more weeks of

not fun

in a walking boot.


Jennifer Rose said...

better than boring white but it does make it harder for people to draw on your cast

RH Carpenter said...

I never thought of that, but am unsure whether you can even decorate one of these fiberglass casts, Jennifer. I thought they would do the plaster cast - white - but they use fiberglass tape they wrap around an inner sock and it hardens in 20 minutes. It’s permeable to a point (if you blow air onto it to soothe the foot/cool it, you can feel it and it stays cool for a while) so I wonder if you can even use markers or acrylic paints on it? I’ll have to look that up!

Jennifer Rose said...

apparently not supposed to use paint, makes the cast no longer permeable. but you can write on it. markers seem to be your best bet

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Rhonda I am so sorry I missed reading your last post sooner. I feel for you all the frustration that goes with a broken ankle. Have been there myself. Hopefully you can watch some art videos and do some sketching even though painting is out for the time being. Love the colour of your cast...mine was black. Be careful if you are using crutches...they can be a challenge. Take care friend. Hugs

RH Carpenter said...

Yeah, I read you cannot paint these casts so I guess I’ll just leave it as is and welcome the day it’s cut off, Jennifer!

Debbie, thanks. I am learning and trying to take it slow and easy - had a horrid day yesterday with lots of aches and pains (just getting around hurts the other leg/foot and lower back, etc. = from movement that’s not normal) but today woke up after 6 solid hours’ sleep and no pain at all (of course, that’s when I have to make myself not overdo it). I’ll be glad when this is just a bad memory.