Tuesday, November 9, 2021


 Our autumn colors are not going to be very colorful and bright this year.  Not sure why.  But the trees are green and yellow, or green and red, or just a dull quinn burnt orange color.  But this was a planting at the extension center garden the last time Sweetie and I went to see what was blooming.  

Seems like autumn colors are coming on later and later in the year.  


Unknown said...

Our colors popped right on schedule and it was very colorful in New England.

Jennifer Rose said...

such gorgeous reds 😀
hows the leg doing?

laura said...

Having the same issue here in Soth Jersey. Has something to do with temps and rainfall, I think?
How are you? Getting better, I hope!

RH Carpenter said...

I’m glad it was colorful in some places :). Our rain and wind have now managed to tear off any colorful leaves we got this year.
This is a huge plant in our local garden - not sure what it is but it is crazy red! Two more weeks in the cast and sooo looking forward to being out of this thing.
We used to have autumn popping out all over by the 2nd week of October - now seems to be the 2nd week of November and we just didn’t get the great color this year, Laura.
I am getting better at getting around - some good days and some not so good. Seems like this old body is often achy from just using the crutches and trying to tell myself “It is not a good thing to cut off your cast early!”

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Our colours only seem t be starting properly this week. It seems very late and Spring was so late too. Maybe it will be a better year next one.

laura said...

Take it easy on yourself, Rhonda. Healing takes time! You'll get there, friend!