Saturday, October 30, 2021


 Won’t be posting any artwork for a while.  I fell this week and now am in a big ole cast which is making it hard to get around on the main floor (my little art room is on the lower level with 2 sets of stairs so it’s off limits for a while).  I am not handling the pain, the stress, or anything else about this, very well.  But once I start feeling better I can post some photos from walks.  

Slipped during a walk down a little hill before getting to a walkway and heard the ankle pop.  It’s a broken fibula (the thin leg bone on the outside of your leg that connects from the knee to the ankle) at the ankle.  Out of commission for 8 weeks, minimum.  


Above the Rim said...

I'll miss those updates. Hope you feel better

laura said...

Oh no, Rhonda! I'm so sorry. What a damn nuisance! Hoping you will be feeling much better soon ... May be a good time to read about art and artists! Please update us on your progress!

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, AtR :)

Well, I am looking forward, Laura, to this being just a bad memory. Good days, bad days, aggravating days, days when I think I might get out the sketch pad and draw a little. Have gone so far as to have Sweetie bring up a sketchbook and some pencils but haven’t done anything yet. Soon, though.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Oh Rhonda! I wander over to see what you have been up to and really didn't expect to see this. You poor thing. Doing the 'cancan' downhill is never a good idea ;o) I do hope it's not too painful (or itchy). My best wishes for a good solid and speedy healing.