Saturday, October 23, 2021



I drew these larger and really spent time on the first dark and wine-colored berries.  They look more shiny than the first attempt at painting them.  

I watched Billy Showell (well-known botanical artist) on video showing how to paint a single cherry - OMG! she took forever lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting and…nope, not the style for me!  ha ha. She had a lovely, shiny cherry when she was done but I skipped through a lot of the middle part of the technique.  Did learn to use lifting preparation (WinsorNewton makes it) prior to painting anything = makes it easier to lift back to white if you don’t use any staining pigment.  


Jennifer Rose said...

they look very shiny 😀

laura said...

I could never spend "forever" painting "a" cherry! An approximation is good enough for me!

Jo MacKenzie says the key to making things look shiny is value; darks make things look shiny.
(ICYMI she has a lot of videos on YouTube.)