Friday, October 15, 2021


 Poke berries.  These plants grow 6-7 feet tall with berries and red stems; lots in our wooded walks.  I have one in my planter on the deck (put there by a bird, I’m sure) - was going to take a photo of it (about 2 feet tall) but a mockingbird jumped onto it, pulled it down to the dirt, and ate every berry off it while I was watching the other day!  Guess those red and black berries taste good.


Jennifer Rose said...

can people eat them?

RH Carpenter said...

They are poisonous to humans although people in the south do eat “poke salad” which is the young leaves. I’ve never tried it and wouldn’t, but all kinds of birds love the berries. They are pretty and a poke weed (they are never just planted for anything but grow from birds dropping the seeds here and there) can grow up to 10 feet tall or taller if left to grow (usually in a bunch like we found in the woods).