Saturday, October 19, 2019


Third drawing in the Val Webb online course using carbon pencils and 9XXB graphite - a delicate tulip.  Her's was delicate.  Mine, not so much.  

I'm not unhappy with it - it just doesn't look as light and airy as her demo did.  And I didn't get the white boxes to get the 3D look, either.  But I'm okay with this as it is.  


Studio at the Farm said...

Well, Rhonda, I really do like it!!! I'd love to see some more charcoal and graphite works.


Chris Lally said...

I'd be more than okay with it, Rhonda! It's beautiful!

Ginny Stiles said...

I just finished a drawing class and it makes me itchy to try new things. The carbon pencils look awesome...what brand?
I just wish you would post your work larger. It comes out so small it's hard to see.

Jennifer Rose said...

i know you have moved on from this, but a darker line around the boxes fading out to light would help with the 3D look :) (and you are being way too hard on yourself)