Wednesday, October 23, 2019


I started this graphite and carbon pencil drawing, following the Val Webb video - or so I thought.  Turns out I made 3 mistakes immediately, which would change the look of the thing.  So...put it aside and started over.  And then pulled this one back out of the pile and added watercolor to it just for fun. 

Even with this, I made a mistake because I first put down Lunar Black as the background and it was so textured it was too distracting.  So put down a nice layer of Indigo over that to sort it out.  Better.  

While looking at it now, I wish I'd put yellow in the boxes to make it look like the flower is in front of a bright window.  Maybe next time.

So...when is a mistake something else entirely?  When it's a learning experience!   


L said...

I think it’s lovely, delicate bloom with the dark background really gives it an edgy look,

Chris Lally said...

Looks pretty good the way it is, but I love your idea of placing yellow in the boxes. And your comment on the learning experience - I'll have to write that one down and tape it to my work table:)