Tuesday, May 1, 2018


The inspiration for this one was a grackle with a bit of suet/seed on it's beak, as if it was balanced there.  I immediately thought about a bird balancing a big, red ball = a circus bird!

You can't tell well in the photo, but I used some irridescent pigment mixed in with the regular pigment for the purple areas.

What a Clown!

Happy May!


Chris Lally said...

Haha! What a beauty, Rhonda!
And thanks again for the link to Sketchbook Revival - a great free course. Appreciate it.

Sadami said...

Oh, Rhonda, beautiful, what a CROWN! Cheers, Sadami

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I'm sure I can hear a bird in the background with a honking horn and feint notes of circus music drifting on the breeze. Love it :o)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you can see a bit of the shine, works well for the bird :) he does look a little annoyed at the red ball though lol ;)

RH Carpenter said...

Glad you enjoy this silly guy, Chris, Sadami, Lisa and Jennifer Rose :)