Sunday, May 27, 2018


Another fluid acrylic start on Strathmore Mixed Media 400 Series paper.

And I had the start of a nest-shaped thing on a small scrap of YUPO so I coninued to work on it using alcohol inks.

I scraped into it with a sharp needle tool, then added more alcohol ink colors.  I then lifted some of the middle color with plain rubbing alcohol, and finally painted in the eggs with alcohol inks.

I think it turned out okay.  Small enough to fit in a card (or use as a card sometime).


Chris Lally said...

Love your spring greens, Rhonda.
And you tamed those inks and produced a lovely piece of art. I would never have thought to scratch into them and then paint in the eggs - amazing!! :}

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the colours :) nice blues

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks Chris. I may leave it as is since I think it’s fresh now. Val Webb shared a freebie in the recent Sketchbook Revival course that had us doing colored pencil and then scratching back - it worked well with this Yupo painting.

Thanks, Jennifer Rose.