Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Continuing to work in my various sketchbooks (Strathmore Visual Journals, both 140# and 90#, as well as a plain paper sketchbook 6 x 9 inches using light-weight paper).  Some of the videos from the Sketchbook Revival are sooo inspiring and interesting and others don't move me much, but it's still interesting to see other artist's sketchbooks (and see how many some artists have created over the years)!

These are in the 90# sketchbook using acrylics to lay down color on the pages - from the video by Anna Maricle.  She does this as a way of priming the pump of her creativity and it takes little thinking effort at the time - just pick some colors and put them down, then you can always go back and paint, collage, draw, etc. over the base colors.  I liked painting the bottom layer in black acrylic paint and, before it dried completely, going back in with marking tools and scratching into it for designs = kind of like a sgriffito?

Interference Blue (acrylic heavy body paint) over black acrylic (after it dried).  This is just a start and could lead to other things...or not! ha ha

Caran d'Ache crayons and water only.  Playing in the 90# Strathmore Visual Journal.  Although only 90# paper, it holds up pretty well to wet media.

I hope, if you are following along with the course, that you, too, share some of your work!  And are you getting your freebies along the way?  I'm looking forward to delving more into those, too - but not right now as I would be overwhelmed with artwork!!  The Sketchbook Revival is available until May 18th (then, maybe the links are gone?).  I have one more to finish and then some other freebies to get into.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you could do a space theme from the blue one :D

Sadami said...

Hi, Rhonda, enjoy painting and drawing more than ever! Best wishes, Sadami

Chris Lally said...

Your pages are just wonderful, Rhonda! It's obvious you have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.
Sketchbook Revival has been a happy distraction for me, but not something I have been able to dive into right now - life is currently getting in the way. But I have made lots of notes and hope to put some of these lessons to good use soon. Thanks again for sharing it!!

RH Carpenter said...

A space these would be good, Jennifer Rose :).

Hi, Sadami, thanks, hope you are doing well and keeping busy and having fun with your classes for the children!

Chris, thanks. I really did enjoy the sessions and got some new inspiration from the videos. Ah, life - it does get in the way at times!!

AK said...

Hi Rhonda I also like to visit other artists work for inspiration. It also gives new ideas. Happy painting.

RH Carpenter said...

Enjoyed seeing your latest painting, Asit. What a beautiful touch you have with watercolors and I'm glad you can travel and share your sights with us through your paintings.