Wednesday, September 27, 2017


Planning something new.  More planning = a better painting.  So I need to make myself slow down, take time, look, take a break, go back and look again.  It's odd but true that we see things later that we did not see at all at first!  

This is in my 11 x 14 inches sketchbook using watercolor crayons.  This sketchbook is not made for water media but it works okay as long as you don't soak the paper a lot.

I think, for this one, I may buy some tulips.  I want real flowers to paint.  

(Well, I looked and could not find tulips locally - is it worth buying them and having them shipped or just use a couple of reference photos?)  


Barbra Joan said...

Use reference photos. I would, but some people want to paint from the real thing.
I love your planning times... and wow! do I love your colors !!!

laura said...

Your explorations are getting better and better, Rhonda. You are really onto something!

Sadami said...

Dear Rhonda, I love your challenging spirit. You're shining!! Best wishes, Sadami

RH Carpenter said...

I looked at tulips to buy online but it's pricy for tulips in with other things - and they won't last long, so...will just use reference photos and change up the arrangements I see, Barbra Joan. Thanks :)
Thanks, Laura and Sadami :) You're tooooooo sweet!

Debbie Nolan said...

Oh Rhonda I would use photo reference. Of course real is nice if you can get them. I think all your hard work and planning helps resolve so many challenges. I need to take a few lessons from you. Hugs!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ref photos is def the way to go with flowers, they die too fast :( unless you get them as a gift, its not worth buying them

really like the lines and shapes you have in your plan at the moment :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Debbie and Jennifer Rose. I like the idea of the live flowers but will have to do them according to the seasons and there are no tulips locally right now - it is. I certainly have a lot of flower photos and pics from magazines, too.