Thursday, April 13, 2017


The next few days are going to be warm and sunny.  So drove out to California Woods Nature Preserve and had a nice walk (uphill, but not too fast).  All along the walkway (some boards down for the walk, some just dirt path), there were spring flowers popping out all over.  Here are just a few (those I can name, anyway!).

All along the path we took (named Trillium Path for a reason), there were these lovely white trilliums popping out - so pretty.  There were also a few purple ones which were just peeking up - not in full bloom yet but probably out in a few days.

A woodpecker was busy creating holes in the tree trunks, sounding like a construction crew loose in the woods!  Did you know that their tongues are super long and actually wrap around their skulls?  I didn't believe it, either, but it's true!

Many songbirds chirping.  And two hawks (couldn't see what type but definitely hawks) flying high and screeching at each other = mating or fighting or just playing?

Dutchmen's Breeches, those little white funny-looking flowers that do look like puffy breeches hanging from the plant.

I saw these Mayapples but no flowers or buds yet.  Maybe in May?  You have to look under the large leaves to see the flower and/or the fruit.  

And a natural heart in a tree trunk.  No carving or initials on it - which is a surprise.

It is predicted to be warm and sunny until Easter Sunday, when it will rain on the egg hunts, I think.  Maybe it will hold off until later in the day so the kids (and adults) can search for those chocolate-filled eggs and colored eggs and overdose on candy for the day.

I promise to return to painting next week.


Jeanette Jobson said...

You had wonderful views on your walk and a lot of resources for future paintings.

Have a lovely Easter and don't over indulge on the chocolate or you'll have to go on that walk again. And again. And again. :)

Bruce Sherman said...

A nice photo essay to welcome spring Rhonda. The trillium is our provincial flower in Ontario... but it is a few weeks really before they literally take over our woodland floors everywhere. I'll send along a photo Spring bouquet... just especially for you! Stay tuned...

All the best

Jennifer Rose said...

hopefully you get some nice weather, the weather people tend to be wrong about what will happen lol

laura said...

Love Dutchman' breeches.
Looks like a great place for a walk.
Spring really has arrived! I came home today from a week in Fla and my quince, lilac, and cherry tree are all in bloom!

RH Carpenter said...

So glad you all enjoyed my little glimpses of spring here :). Jeanette, one cannot overindulge in chocolate?!? Bruce, I'll be looking for that spring bouquet :). Jennifer Rose, the weather people were wrong - it rained early morning here and then was clear until a downpour around 6 pm that didn't last more than 1/2 hour - was supposed to storm all afternoon and evening. Weather predictors are the only people who can be wrong 60% of the time and still keep their jobs!
Laura, I envy you your cherry tree, lilac and quince (although I've never seen a quince) - my poor lilac struggles beside the house in the shade :( and I have a small cherry tree and a redbud that give the only color - cannot wait for my mimosa to bloom but it may be another year.
Hope you all are enjoying your version of spring in your area.