Saturday, April 1, 2017


A few days ago, a blogger buddy, Randall David Tipton, known for his gorgeous landscapes, painted an abstract that was full of yellow light and energy.  And he called it Delayed Pollination because some bees somehow showed up in the painting :)  I wanted to immediately go down to my little art room and pull out the TerraSkin paper and fluid acrylics and yellow pigments.  So I did.  

Unfortunately, his painting is SO MUCH BETTER than mine.
But I had fun with this and will probably go back to it sometime in the future to make it more coherent.  (Abstracts still have to follow some rules of composition and I find there are none followed in my painting here.)

Oh, and the title of the post = Cat Annoyance is what A Man Called Ove called the cat he ended up keeping, which I thought was a perfect name for a scruffy, ratty, insolent cat that takes up residence in your home without your permission!  There were some lines in that book that made me laugh out loud but I've finished it and still don't know whether I liked it, or not.  


Anonymous said...

Loved that book. We have three annoying cats.

Jennifer Rose said...

kind of reminds me of one of those frilly sea horses, which was not the look you were going for :) but i like the colours

read that book, liked it, made me laugh in a few places :)

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Jennifer Rose and Anonymous. Most people liked the book. I still am not sure. There were parts that were wonderful but I think the staccato type of writing didn't appeal to me? It's not that it was slow because I've enjoyed slow books before when the sentences are beautifully put together. Oh, well, we can't all love the same thing! ha ha