Thursday, April 27, 2017


After a night of rain and thunderstorms, (a few days ago), it was so muddy we cut our hike short at the Highland Heights Nature Trail.

Straight up hill became interesting coming back down, trying to crab walk so no one fell and slipped on their bottoms!  

Our shoes were caked (but we took extra pairs, just in case so didn't have to get mud in the car).  

We will return and do the whole walk (4.5 miles?) some other time when it's dried out.

Just before I came upon this little clearing, I saw something move quickly from one side of the path to another (away from the stream on the right to this are and on up the ridge).  A deer?  Probably.  But I didn't get a look of anything but a quick glimpse of approximate size and tawny color.

Growth on an old tree.

Next time we go, I want to go up high enough on the ridge to see the old pear tree (that used to be on farmland which has gone back to forest). 

Not many wildflowers but a good exercising walk (if you go when it's not so wet). 

And here are a couple of blooming things in our yard:  

Lily of the Valley (little white bells growing among the hostas in the shaded side of the yard), 

and Solomon's Seal (white bulbs under the large green leaves in the front yard - in front of the seahorse birdbath that has been there for years = bought it for Sweetie's birthday once years ago and can't remember now how long ago).  

Only one pitiful bloom on my lilac this year :)  And nothing blooming on the mimosa - another year or two and I hope it will be covered in feathering plumes.


Ginny Stiles said...

Are you in Indiana?
I am amazed how green the trees were where you were walking.
Have you ever read the Hidden Life of Trees?
That will change how you walk in the woods.
See my review on my blog.

Jennifer Rose said...

the growth on that tree makes a scintillating texture :)

glad no one fell going down the hill

RH Carpenter said...

Ginny, I'm in northern Kentucky, about an hour from Deb Ward's place. And the trees and everything is so green due to the rainstorms (I could do without those but the rain does make things burst into blossom). I will check on that book.

Jennifer Rose, you're right, I love texture of trees and stones and such :). Funny walking like a crooked little man down the hillside but I made it without a slip :)