Saturday, January 7, 2017


Several months ago I was perusing Etsy and checking on some Frida Kahlo stuff and found this teeshirt.  OMG!  Had to have it!  So got it for Christmas from Sweetie...

The teeshirt is made by Hancock Creative Shop run by Shawn and Missy Hancock.  I LOVE THIS TEE!  It is called St. Frida the Fierce - love the quotes surrounding her head like a saint's halo.  It is soft (I washed it before wearing it and it's so comfortable and fits like a female-style tee, not blocky like a unisex tee). 

 Charcoal grey (it comes in red, too) and I love it!  Shawn and Missy sent the tee quickly and included a nice note and a Creative License for me to use at any time :)  You can bet I am going to be ordering from them again - they have St. Vincent (van Gogh) and others for all your artists out there.

Now I have to get back to Etsy and give Hancock Creative Shop 5 stars!!!

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E.M. Corsa said...

I love this Rhonda. What's odd is the halo I'm working on now with my crane is made of words too! We are definitely on the same wave length!!!