Monday, January 9, 2017


I've been thinking about crows again...after a break for a while, they return and say, "Paint us!"  Using several photos taken during our last trip to Shaker Village in the fall, I sketched out some crows flying on a large sheet of tracing paper.  From there, it's a matter of choosing the composition and then drawing or tracing them onto the watercolor paper.

I have several crow models sitting all around my little art room watching me, to make sure I do it right! ha ha

I get these fake ones around Halloween when they are out, being used for decorations.  Not sure why crows have gotten such a bad reputation - they are such amazing and smart birds...and have learned to survive around humans forever (not an easy thing for some animals).  

I haven't seen or heard many lately but they often are more obvious in the wintertime.  Never sure where they go or why they choose to gather in some places and not others (usually it has to do with scavenging food).

Some of my models are a bit worse for wear, their fake feathers bent and falling out, in need or repair.  I have six in my art room right now and will probably add more in the future.  

What is your muse?  What inspires you?  What do you want to paint this year?


Sadami said...

Enjoy your favourite subjects, Rhonda! I want to draw anything I like, particularly, figures and landscapes. Cheers, Sadami

Jennifer Rose said...

Would love to find models like that, would come in handy. but haven't seen anything like that besides real stuffed ones and they are not cheap

I want to do some more etching, there is a snake etching I really want to do and will hopefully start soon since it will prob take awhile :p

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Rhonda - your crows are a great inspiration. I love to watch them in our field. There is usually one up high that signals to all the others that it is safe to eat. They are truly smart birds. Well have a delightful week. Hugs!

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

The back view of the crow centre right is delightful! (There's something I would never have thought I would type..) The shape and lines seem to capture that sometimes gangley way of landing they have. I wondered when you would be back to crows and often think of you when I see our resident pair visiting the garden. Best wishes.

RH Carpenter said...

We all should paint and draw what makes us happier, Sadami :). Your portraits make you happy - and make the person you are drawing happy, too.
Jennifer Rose, I've never seen real stuffed ones - these are just inexpensive ones that get pretty ratty over time but I just get another when the wings are falling off.
Thanks, Debbie and Lisa - I like that view the best, too. I may have to rethink the painting and just do one or two together in a field as if they were landing like that (most of the photos are of them landing and flying around each other).