Thursday, April 2, 2009

Missing Friends in Blog-Land

Suzanne's been missing in action for much too long now. She hasn't posted on her blog since February! Where has she gone? Is she okay?

Has she run away with a red-headed stranger or a brown-eyed handsome man? Well, she does live in Nashville and anything could happen, yes?

Miss you, Suzanne! Hope all is well. Maybe just drop me a line to say you're okay, alive and kicking?? I heard there were terrible storms in your town today - they are coming this way.

And now it seems Dawn has done a disappearing act, too! She's been gone for a month and although her last post was a gorgeous photo of pussy willows (one of my all time favorites), it's ben waaayyy too long!

Ladies! Don't you know your posts are necessary to my mental well-being??


Sandy Maudlin said...

Oh yes. Where, oh where, have Suzanne and Dawn gone? Where, oh where, have they gone? Heard from Dawn today finally via email. SUZANNE???!!???? Where are you. I love your beautiful CD. Where are you?
The word verification for this post is mutede ..... muted friends's time to speak up!

RH Carpenter said...

It's strange how we make certain connections online and then miss those people who had become such a part of our days because we would visit their blogs and see what they had posted and shared that day. Muted, indeed, for too long and they live too far away for a road trip for us to end up on their doorsteps!

Cathy Gatland said...

I had a comment from Suzanne on my blog yesterday - had also been worrying about her - you do feel the hole when someone is missing for too long don't you!