Monday, April 27, 2009

Holiday Snaps

Just returned from a very nice holiday. A few snaps until I can catch up with everything I need to do for a day or so...

We stayed just north of Marineland on the Matanzas Inlet (at a place called Mi Casa), just south of St. Augustine. And right ON the beach. Our unit (one of three) is on the left side.

High tide came up almost to the deck. Low tide went out for miles! Amazing tidepools and rocks and interesting things to see, plus shelling; and the birds would come in as the tide came in so Jerry was out there taking good photos every day.

And the sunrise woke us every morning, shining in the bedroom window across the bed from the upper deck. You could not wake up in a bad mood when this happened each morning!

More photos to come when I get them sized, sorted, etc.


debwardart said...

Lucky you - I haven't been to FL for years and always loved walking on the beach. Looking forward to Jerry's photos (and your paintings from them!)

Nick said...

I recognize that place, I've been through that town a lot. Love the third pic, maybe some seascapes coming?

laura said...

What an interesting looking building! And such a great view!!

Candy said...

I love the sunrise photo. Was the water warm? I can't wait to see the rest of your photos.

RH Carpenter said...

Deb, we go to the same area every year and love it. This is the first time staying at this place though, and I think Jerry already wants to return!
Nick, this place has been around for years and is for sale but no takers so far. It's an amazing area!
Laura, the building is a triangle shape - the top floor where the round windows are is another bedroom and the windows inside look like portholes.
Candy, the water was a bit chilly until low tide when you had the sun heating the water in those large tidepools that you could swim in - next year we'll take our mask, fins and snorkels and play more.