Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last Holiday Snaps - Now Back to Work!

Just some odds and ends I thought you'd like - the last of my snaps. I am finishing the iris painting and will share it soon. I also intend to paint some of those pink flamingos - too cool not to try!

Gators - well, that's why they call it the Alligator Farm!

Water lily pond and giraffes at the Jacksonville Zoo. The kids were having a great time feeding them and laughing about their long tongues.

Carousel in a kids' park just outside the main drag of St. Augustine. It was kept in excellent shape and only $1 to ride :)

And, as promised, the American flamingos - so bright! (I have 6 or more of these photos - so if you're interested in painting some, let me know by email and I'll send some to you to try).


Ann Buckner said...

Have enjoyed your Florida trip via your photos. You both took some great shots.

RH Carpenter said...

These photos are all mine, Ann!! ha ha Jerry hasn't sorted all his yet so I just picked from the 100 I took which I just consider holiday snaps (nothing for competition but good enough to paint from and for memory's sake).

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Those flamingos are pure lush Rhon, so paintable, are you going to give them a try?
And the sea, ah, the sea, can't have too much of those