Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wednesday, May 9, 2007 - Tuesday Night Figure Studies

Last night we had our 2nd figure study meeting in the 18th Street Ironworks building - a male model this time, probably in his 50's, lean but not overly muscled. The weather had turned warm and it was hot in the 3rd floor studio but once you got working, the time flew by and you forgot you were hot and sticky! Here's just a few of the ones I did - short, 10 minute gesture poses to warm us up go by so quickly and you're just to catch the gesture of the pose - not detail. Then the model kept a long pose for the rest of the night. I worked on 3 of that pose, deciding to put some color in one (I'm working my way up to using my watercolor washes at some time but don't feel quite ready for that yet).

Grrr - hands and feet must be the hardest things to learn. Can you see where I thought I was doing a good job - but count the toes! ha-ha No, he didn't just have 4 but that's all I drew in :(

The first color was just putting Caran d'Ache (watercolor crayons) on and blending them together. The second color was adding water and blending here at home. I have to say I think I overdid the tummy pooch more than it was or else as I kept working it, it got bigger and looser.

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