Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday, Apr. 30, 2007 - 1/2 Sheet Gators Still

Still working on this although the study sheet is done.

In class today, we worked on the same rose.
1. trace the drawing on wc paper
2. create a "Great White Shape" on tracing paper over the traced rose
We were supposed to come out of class with a decent rose painting - NOT what I had! haha Several in class did get a good painting but I futzed too much - Sandy said, "HOW are we going to get you to SLOW DOWN??" I know it's true - how does one slow down - stop - look - think - rest the eyes and hands??
So did a small one on 1/4 sheet coldpress Fabriano Uno (the last sheets I have, I think). And then did a 1/2 sheet on coldpress Arches, working on an abstract, not a rose.
So now you're saying, "What is a Great White Shape?" Well, see tomorrow's post and I'll write some stuff out for you. It originally was called the Good White Shape by John Salminen, who taught my teacher, Sandy Maudlin. It is supposed to help our minds break seeing Foregound/Background/Thing and see SHAPES! Now that's what we all want - so we've been trying it off and on for a year or so (ever since she took his workshop). I still haven't gotten it, though...
See tomorrow's post for info (I may even share the "interesting" shapes I got trying to paint the rose without thinking of it as a rose!).

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