Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007 - In Class Today

After I finish the blue landscape study - what do I paint next? So far, nothing has called to me...I even printed out a lot of photos Jerry has taken - mostly flowers. Maybe one of them will be next? Fortunately, Sandy had a lesson plan for us - trees! Something a lot of painters have problems with - the shapes, the colors, the skyholes, everything about trees and how to make them look right. So we practiced and the time just flew by! And you can tell I need a lot of practice on trees :) ha-ha The last one doesn't even have a trunk - just practicing getting some autumn colors in without being so garish - needs darks but I was having such a time with this one - seeing negative shapes and leaving skyholes, and making the shape not a round or square shape...lots of things to think about when just painting a tree - how do landscape painters do it??

If you see me out somewhere just staring at a tree, don't worry about me - I'm just trying to SEE them better :)

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