Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Thursday, May 24 - And Now For Something Entirely Different....

When I'm in a bit of a rut with my painting, I just start 2-3 new things at once. So that's what I'm doing:
1. A macro view of an iris - photo taken by Marsha Gray in my WatercolorWorkshop yahoo group - thank you, Marsha, for giving us this great view! I'm doing this on hotpress and prewetting the petals and dropping the color in and letting it mingle by tilting the paper.

2. A very interesting view of a peony - also by Marsha Gray - doesn't she take great photos?? So far, I just have a pencil sketch on hotpress paper. In order to try to see the shapes better, I put the photo and the paper upside down and drew it (I see a few changes I'll make before putting paint to paper).

3. Finished the RoseDesigned by adding some to the rose to give it more dimension, shading, depth (I hope) and then the bg in a mix of cobalt blue and cobalt violet deep which helped a lot.

4. Will start this old rusty truck next - photo by Marilyn Fuerstenberg also in my WatercolorWorkshop and SWAP yahoo groups - she says this is Bill's Truck.

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