Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday was a busy day!  Helped as a Special Judge for the SEFNK science fair at Northern Kentucky University in the morning; then picked up the grand-girls and took them to see the Macy's Arts Sampler Day at the Woman's Art Club "Barn" in Mariemont.  They each looked around at the artists, talked to Nancy Neville (who was doing watercolor painting) and they each painted their own acrylic painting on canvas, courtesy of Linda Trucksis, who was letting the kids do their own thing for free :)  Then we had a nice lunch out and a sweet for each of us and back home (they had a soccer game later in the day).

But today is Sunday Sharing and I have a lot of new followers to share.  I'm sure they came from Carol Carter's Facebook postings of the workshop where she linked to my blog so they could read more about it.  I hope they see enough to like to return to view my work again :)  So...let's get to it!!

1.  Ioana Geacar has a self-named blog (although she also spells her first name as John).  Either way, she is Romanian, and shares some wonderful photography.  If you have missed winter in the U.S., go over and see the winter they are having and which she is documenting.  I like looking at winter much more than experiencing it!

2.  Lancerika is the blog of Erika Morrison, American born but has lived in Venezuela, Spain and Holland!  Her work, which she describes as self-taught and abstractionist, is very surreal and ethereal - take a look, take some time, read the poetry and enjoy the paintings!

3.  Serap Demirag is the blogspot of Serap Demirag!  Now, I wish I could translate all the words (the translater I used was pretty poor) because I know it would add even more to the beauty of her work.  I won't even try to describe it - she calls herself a fantastic realist painter.  I urge you to not miss this one!  Floating worlds, beautiful, serene colors and compositions, paintings that are pure meditation.  Lovely!!

4.  Last, but not least, Don's Blog is the blog of a new watercolorist living in Bristol, U.K.  Don took up drawing and painting in his 60's and is having a good go of it!  Go over and give him some encouragement on his journey with watercolors and welcome him to the fold :)

That's it for today.  Today, I will be in my little art room working on a 2nd painting to enter into the Woman's Art Club juried show - deadline for early bird entries is the 29th!


Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

Since you will be entering crows, maybe that will mean something positive for acceptance since it is within the "early bird" deadline? Couldn't resist that, you make a great "straight-man".

Kevin Neal said...

Thanks RH. Your sincerity and generosity is much appreciated by all of your followers I'm sure.

RH Carpenter said...

Susan, you can use me as a straight man anytime! ha ha I'm thinking of starting Caw Girl #1 all over - she's looking a bit worn (and not in the way I want but in the tired paint way). The other one will be Primarily Crows and it's drying as we speak (or type).

Kevin, I'm happy to share blogs and artists - you never know when you'll stumble upon one who becomes a favorite. That's how I found Carol Carter years ago - online looking at her work and having it blow me away and now visiting her blog and taking workshops from her - the circle of life in the computer age! ha ha

Carol Flatt said...

I've always looked forward to your Sunday posts. It's my opportunity to "meet" others also on this art journey. Thank you for the time it takes to research and write about each one! I look forward to seeing you work with Carol's wash techniques.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Carol, and you're welcome for the time - I'm glad you enjoy seeing new artists through my Sunday Sharing :)