Thursday, February 23, 2012


One of the things I had to catch up on at home after being away for 4 1/2 days was mail.  Most of it was easy - throw out the junk, keep the bills to pay later, and look at anything interesting.  Here was something from our Naked Postcard Swap that was waiting for me when I got home.

It's a lovely postcard from Barb Sailor in Ohio.  She said she wanted to send me a reminder of warmer weather.  Isn't it pretty??  And what a nice thing to find waiting for you when you return from a trip :)

Barb's blog is on my sidebar and you can see her work there.  She is an artist and a teacher in northern Ohio.

Thanks, Barb!  It's being added to my postcard book right now :)

And I promise I will post actual works from me soon.  With Mom in the hospital and catching up on everything at home while still spending time with her, there is no time for painting right now - but soon!  I am itching to try some of Carol's loose wet washes and flows of paint on some crows!  Plus, I have to get back to the poured painting I began before leaving for the workshop.  So much to paint, so little time.


AK said...

A lovely painting a nice gesture.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Barb's work is always so beautiful, isn't it? I've been watching her work for years (though I lost her blog for awhile, I was so thrilled when I found it again). I really hope your mom is feeling better, Rhonda.

RH Carpenter said...

Asit, this group is very giving of their time and talent to send postcards to all the members :)

Sherry, Barb is a wonderful artist - so talented!