Friday, February 24, 2012


Mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  I got her all settled and back home after a few errands.  All is well.  She's not completely strong and healthy yet but she's back home with meds and instructions (which she may, or may not, follow).

So...that means today I can paint!!!

The 119th Annual Juried Exhibition at the Woman's Art Club of Cincinnati is having their show April 1-29 and I have to have 2 entries.  So...time to sort through some crow paintings and see what they will be. 

I'm pretty sure Caw Girl #1 will be one of the entries and want the 2nd entry to be crows, too.  Early bird deadline for entries is February 29th so I have to choose now.

And tomorrow is Science Fair day.  So I will be busy with that several hours tomorrow.
Sweetie has done this every year for a long time and I somehow "volunteered" to help so it's a lot of getting there early, helping sign in the judges and make sure they have their information packets and know where to go, then walking around the display area to choose just 2 entries for most artful exhibit.  It's usually not too difficult:  I don't have to choose based on their scientific merits, just what their work looks like (eye-catching, colorful, interesting materials used for their info boards).  This is grades 4-12 and the winners are supposed to come from the middle grades so it's just 4th and 5th graders I have to worry about.  The kids come from all over Kentucky.


Katherine Thomas said...

Oh yes! Enter the Caw Girl! She is magnificent! And I echo your sentiment about Thank God It's Friday! I barely made it through the day. Maybe I'll see you at the art show this year. I don't think I'm entering anything, but I will definitely be stopping over for a look!

Tina Besecker Marohn said...

I agree with Katherine! Love it! Please show your second pick too. Crows seem to be popular art images/symbols here as well. The must speak to some deep part of our psyche.

Mick Carney said...

Early bird catches the worm. It'll make a great entry.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I wonder why the winners have to come just from grade 4 or 5? Seems like that isn't quite fair. Anyway, I think you'll have a blast, Rhonda! Good luck with your own entries too.

Studio at the Farm said...

Rhonda, I am so glad to hear your mother is better. I wish you luck with your shows, and the science fair.

RH Carpenter said...

Katherin, I think the second painting will be Primarily Crows (with the primary color shadows) but I have to rework them a bit; I hope you do come by. Of course, I won't know until late March whether I get in or not but I'll wish for the best.

Tina, thanks :) I'll show the other one when it's done. I have tried to remember when I began this affinity for crows and it was back in 1990 so it's been something going on for a while with me.

Thanks, Mick!

Sherry, I was wrong - the winners can come from any of the grades. I had 2 art awards and 1 graphic award to give. One came from a
4th grader and two from 6th graders.

Thanks, Studio :) I just hope she stays fairly healthy for a while.

Pam Johnson Brickell said...

Caw Girl has such a strong persona! Just love her.

Sorry to hear about your Mom but glad she's now back at home. She may just take better care of herself and I hope so. My Mom would dig her heals in sometimes and do what she darn well wanted. It can cause a lot of worry and concern but when you've done all you can on your end... that's when acceptance comes in and peace returns.

RH Carpenter said...

Thanks, Pam. Yes, a stubborn old lady can be a problem!! Not sure why she thinks she knows better than doctors, but she does.