Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've finally gathered a few new followers to my blog and I always enjoy sharing new work so here are some new art bloggers you may want to check out:

1.  Ricardo Marrero paints some bold and beautiful watercolors based on his home in the Canary Islands!  Go over and see the work he's doing.

2.  Maria Jose Barrera, from Spain (I think), has done some really large, really amazing work.  Scroll down and see the size of the painting of the tree trunk!!  I think she has an affinity to trees of all kinds.

3.  Miriam of Magi d'acqua, is Italian.  Here work on the first pages had me saying, "Wow!" and then "Wow" again - colors so bright and bold they jump off the page; big painting on the page so you almost step into them!  Go see - right now!

4.  Kerstin Lungmuss "Rizi", of Germany, has a wonderful sense of humor that shows in her paintings.  They all made me smile and I think you'll smile, too, when you see them.

5.  And last, but not least, Lizzy of Lizzy's Quilt Blog shares her artful quilts.  Being very sewing deficient in all ways, I really admire anyone who can do this - but she's taken quilting to another level and truly made it art.  Check it out.

I hope you take some time and explore these bloggers and see what they have to offer.

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