Thursday, May 26, 2011


My favorite brother-in-law and I went to the Cincinnati Art Museum on Tuesday.  We toured the first floor (the Cincinnati Wing and the American rooms) then stopped and had a wonderful lunch in the cafe.  Then we toured the second floor.  Before we came home, we stopped at the Krohn Conservatory to see the Butterflies of Brazil exhibit.  It was a sunny day and warm and I had a very good time talking music (he's a musician) and family and art and everything in between.

I hadn't been to the art museum in a long time and it was nice to slowly go from room to room, visiting "old friends" and seeing work I didn't remember seeing before.  Here are some photos I took.

The Quadroon Girl
by Henry Mosler (American)

Venetian Lacemakers
by Robert Frederick Blum (American)

Don't have the name of this one.  Itwas so light, like a watercolor (but it was oil).

Eve Hearing the Voice
by Moses J. Ezekiel (American)

And one of my favorite paintings, Van Gogh's Undergrowth with Two Figures, is being cleaned.  They have a station set up where you can watch from 2-4 pm but we weren't there at that time so it was hard to get a good photo without flash in the dark cubby where they have it set up.  Here is a link to the process and what they are doing to bring it back to how it was when Van Gogh painted it...

The conservator can only work for 3 hours at a time, it's such painstaking work, so it will not be ready to show again in the collection until July.

Wednesday I had to go in again and sit through voir dire (where each attorney questions potential jurors before accepting them onto the jury) to be picked for jury duty.  This is the third time and I haven't been picked yet so it basically takes a half day each time and then I get to come home. 

And last night, storms and wind and lashing rain and wind and another rocking and rolling night with severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches up until this morning.  No damage here but another restless (but lucky) night.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Rhonda, glad your night was uneventful (that sounds weird). You know what I mean. Storms like that can be so unsettling. Love your museum photos, especially that one of the pastel ladies dancing. I'd love to know the name of that one, too. Hope you have a great day and peaceful night!

jane said...

Oh my gosh Rhonda-MY SON is on jury duty TOO! He got to sit on a case during the first week you were "on" but was not picked yesterday! Small world, huh?

RH Carpenter said...

An uneventful night is a good night around here, Carol :) I got more than 7 hours sleep last night (for the first time in a week) so feel rested and maybe able to think about a painting, if not start one!

Jane, we are on the same listing - almost 400 people - but we may be different numbers so not called in at the same time. It's a strange system but nothing coming up until after the Memorial Day weekend, so that's good. I'll have to see if I can pick him out next time we go since they take roll call each time.