Thursday, May 27, 2010


I thought I was computer literate until I tried out some of the things Nick Simmons showed us in the workshop when we had a day-long PhotoShop tutorial. One thing, I didn't try it right away while things were fresh in my mind. Two things, I have PhotoShop Elements, which is a pared down version of PhotoShop. Three things, I have a little bird in my head (perhaps one of Cindy's kookaburras?) saying, "Get off the computer and go paint!"

So...after 2 hours, I'm whipped, and haven't created what I wanted to create or even know what I'm doing yet. Okay, an hour isn't enough time to learn...maybe another hour tomorrow and then again the next day and in a week...or a month...or a year, I'll get it and be as proficient as Nick was in composing on the computer.

This is what I ended up with - rough but I get the idea of layering different photos to create a new composition. Unfortunately, I've already changed the drizzled abstract too much to use this until another time.

This is what I did with the abstract...going in a more green direction with warms and thinking of needs some darks here and there and it needs me to leave it alone for a while.

Now off to do something else!


Barb Sailor said...

Both of these paintings are very interesting. I think the layered photographs is fascinating and I would like to see it up close - they all seem to work together well. The abstract painting with the drips is also working really well - stay positive - I think you have something going with both of them.

Gillian said...

They looks luscious! Photoshopping is fun, isn't it. x

jgr said...

they are both gorgeous, the abstract with drips is fascinating!

Christiane Kingsley said...

I agree with Barb: you have something going here! Don't give up.

Artoholic said...

Rhonda, it's the "Leave it alone" part that I struggle with. Airbrushing away yesterday afternoon, putting in the light colours for backgrounds,oops, a splodge here, a spatter there, and before you know it, I'm going in darker and darker until it's a very dark scary forest now.....NOT what I was after!

Don't get me started on Photoshop! I did an entire Uni course on it and am convinced it's purpose is mass insanity via technology!
Still, as long as you remember that there are almost countless ways to arrive at the same destination in Photoshop (i.e. no right or wrong techniques), you'll be ok.


It's raining AGAIN, but a rainbow is just peeking out from my window just now.

Teresa said...

Don't strees about the PS composition, it's looking good so far!

BTW this time di you make the dripping in the opposite direction in the abstract?

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Barb, Gillian (fun? not the word I would use! ha ha), Jane, Christiane and Cindy!
Cindy, I think you may be right - my Sweetie gave me a book he had when he was trying to learn it (he gave up so now it's my turn).
Teresa, I never thought of turning the drizzles on their sides and doing it that way - not that creative, I guess :(