Sunday, May 30, 2010


This is an older piece.

When I returned from the Nick Simmons workshop, I went through my older stuff, looking for something that would lend itself to the fluid acrylics as well as, or better than, watercolors. This one looked possible - a painting started with watercolor on gessoed paper.

I finished it with the fluid acrylics but kept myself from overworking. I like the looseness of it.

It was obvious that there was an elephant lurking in the first watercolor pours and I just brought him out a bit more.

And here is where the Go Fish/Koi painting stands...

I just need to brighten him up a bit and give him some eyes and it will be done.
And what are you doing this weekend?


Artoholic said...

And what a fine elephant he is! Lovely melding of shape & colour.

The spot of blue in the koi piece is just lovely as well. You've captured that fluid motion so well.

I have a soft spot for koi. My husband has almost finished digging the Great Hole for the new Koi Pond. Let's hope his back holds out until it's finished!



deborahspalette said...

I really like the colors in both paintings. I like how you are allowing the water to do some of work without to much control from its creator. Nice! Stop by sometime, Im following you:)!'d love you to follow me too!

Christiane Kingsley said...

Great textures on the elephant painting! Already, your workshop ideas is having an influence on your work!
The Koi will be super once you give it sight:-) It's hard to see the total effect on my monitor, but would you consider cropping a bit of the background so that you koi does not look so lonely in that big space?
In Canada, we had our long weekend last week; I am having a quiet weekend and am trying to get some painting in.
Take care.

Lisa Walsh said...

I am absolutely loving these pieces. Great looseness, flow and color. Thanks for sharing your experiences from the workshop, I've enjoyed reading them all. I may have to try this technique with a polar bear.

RHCarpenter said...

Cindy, glad you like my crazy elephant - so colorful, yes? ha ha Good luck with the koi (and good luck with your hubby if that back goes out - ouch!!)
Deborah, thanks for stopping and commenting. Your blog is light, lovely, and serene and you share so much of yourself in it - very nice! I'll return again sometime soon.
Christiane, it was fun to see this older work and think - just a bit of the fluid acrylics and this could work! You may have a point with cropping - I'll finish it and then see (I am never adverse to cutting back areas that don't add to the overall painting.
Lisa, do try this with your bear studies!!! Another fun texture and medium to use :)

AK said...

You seem to really enjoy playing with colours.

RHCarpenter said...

AK, thanks for stopping by and commenting. There is something so wonderful about letting the water and paint do what it does best :) I see you are very adept at that on your blog! Have you ever done paintings of the view out of your airplane - or maybe you should concentrate on flying at that time for safety's sake?