Friday, June 19, 2009


It's going up in the 90F's today - too hot for me and also very humid. Luckily, I have my latest Watercolor magazine and my latest issue of Watercolor Artist.

Check it out! The August issue features Chris Beck, one of my artist friends. You will get to read more about her process, her thoughts while painting and see some of her fabulous paintings - everything from her salt and pepper collection of duckies and other birdies to beautifully glowing florals. I just gone my yesterday afternoon so if you subscribe, you might be getting your issue any day!

Congratulations, Chris, for the great article!


Cindi said...

i just got my magazine too.. great article on your friend and some fun tips in that one area.. fell asleep still reading it.. so hopefully time today to read more!!

Chris Beck said...

Hey Rhonda!! Thanks for the compliment!! Just got my copy a day ago and I'm still pinching myself that it's really in print!! ;-D

soulbrush said...

yup that's too hot for me too.thanks for your quick reply, gonna e mail you now.

Sandy Maudlin said...

It's really hot here - and Chris's article is HOT too! Way to go:-D
Stay cool.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your comments, Cindi (I like your blog so don't be surprised if it ends up in my sidebar blogroll at some time :)
Chris, it's a great article and I learned so much more about you. Of course, it didn't say how many of those salt and pepper and sugar bowl and other kitchen toys you have in the shape of ducks, cockatoos, etc. 100?
Soulbrush, looking forward to trading with you soon!! I'll get some things ready to share.

Chris Beck said...

Hey Rhonda -- I cleaned off the top of the sideboard before we went to Wisconsin. I'll have to put all the little birdies back and take a picture for you. Don't know about a 100 -- but there's a lot of 'em!!