Monday, June 15, 2009


Just a bit of tweaking on this yupo painting of the datura (Fallen Angels). Jerry says the bottom flower is much too close to the bottom of the paper - and he's right but not much I can do about it right now (or want to do about it since I don't want to wipe it all back and start over at the bottom).

And this is on Tyvek and is so hard to get the paint to just stay put - but it does make some interesting textured effects and I can work on this more - this is just the first stage of the swan, painting from the notan painting and photo and then putting in muted colors of grayed greens and grayed oranges, etc...we'll see what happens when I get to work on it some more.


Barbara Sailor said...

I love the fallen angel painting...maybe it is too close to the bottom but I still think it works. You have achieved wonderful texture on this one and great control considering it is Yupo:) I can't really comment about the swan - I don't know much about tyvek but it appears to have much texture. I like the way you are experimenting with different media and subject matter. Your "hearts" are very interesting.

RHCarpenter said...

Barb, I went over to view your fantastic lily painting and couldn't leave a comment :( Did you delete the comment button? It is sooo gorgeous and bright and bold and just a fantastic painting!
Thanks for your comment on the datura. Ah, tyvek! Myrna Wacknov got me into it but I don't have the kind she has - this definitely just beads up a lot and you have to keep going back into it. I may have to coat it with matte medium or something before painting on it to get good darks - but this is just a playing thing so I'm not too worried about it.

Margaret Ann said...

What gorgeous texture you have achieved on both pieces...You seem to have controlled this very well...Love the fallen angels! :0

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks so much. The Fallen Angels is the better painting, of course. I have finished the swan and will show it in the new post.