Thursday, June 18, 2009


Tuesday afternoon, I watched the Carla O'Connor DVD from Creative Catalyst I had purchased a few weeks ago. It is wonderful! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more about design and the process of designing/creating a good composition.

Now, nothing she said was anything I hadn't heard Sandy Maudlin say over and over and yet, even Sandy says sometimes you have to hear more than 1 person say it before the light comes on. Or maybe I had to mature to this step in my artwork for it to sink in and for me to be actually using it.

So...if you have the money, do buy this one. It is wonderful and the creative process she uses (gouache on gold gessoed watercolor paper) is wonderful and allows you to wipe back to gold, add color, glaze color, make textures, etc. But it's not just a gouache DVD - you can use everything she talks about in any medium because it's about design and seeing and making changes and arranging shapes shapes shapes!!

And thanks again to Teresa for the coupon!!

Here are two of the designs I came up with while listening to Carla talk and doodling and taking notes at the same time...

And I have my watercolor paper gessoed and ready to go (white gesso this time, not gold) and I'm going to use watercolor, not gouache (since I only have white).


Chris Beck said...

I'm not an expert on gouache, but I think you can mix your watercolors into the white gouache if you want to paint with a whole rainbow of gouache.

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Chris. I know that but then if I did that I wouldn't have to buy all those wonderful colors in gouache! ha ha Got the latest Watercolor Artist issue with your article inside! Way to go!!!

Annie Salness said...

I'm watching this video right now and loving it! She's fabulous and has so much good information. My work is so literal, I am really appreciating what she is teaching.
I went to where you can rent it for a day, 2 weeks or a month!

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Annie, for dropping by and commenting. She does great work and I love her celadon ladies - that color is so warm and inviting. I'll be back to view more of your blog when I get a bit more time - I liked what I saw when I visited briefly.