Friday, June 19, 2009


Soulbrush and I are going to trade art cards - what fun! do I choose one of her cards? There are so many I like. Do you think she will send me all of them? ha ha Nothing greedy about me, right?!?

So here are a few of mine to choose from. I hope you find one or more you like, Soul, to make you smile!

Top Left = Ice Skating (watercolor)--- traded

Top Right = Snail Mail? (watercolor)

Bottom Left = The Spelling Bee (watercolor with some pen/ink) --- traded

Bottom Right = Untitled (but it's a sea nettle/jellyfish) (watercolor)

Next set coming up....

Top Left = Striving for the Light (watercolor with a bit of pen and ink) --- traded

Top Right = untitled but it's based on the Lunar New Year Stamp I got at the post office, so you get a little collage added of that stamp) --- traded

Bottom Left = untitled, it's hay bales in a field in Wales - hey, that rhymes, maybe I should add text to this one? ha ha (watercolor) traded to Margaret Ann/Waterblossoms

Bottom Right = untitled little lambie with rice paper over him to give him some nice texture
All cards will come in a handy heavy-duty card holder to protect them. If anyone else is interested in trading, just let me know and we'll work something out via emails.

Update: You snooze, you lose! Soul and I are trading 4 cards!! So off to the post office on Monday morning with a smile on my face to think that these little atcs will be travelling to her home and 4 of her lovely atcs will be coming to live with me :) I've marked the ones traded in red beside the descriptions above. And if you want to have any of the ones left in trade, just let me know. And I can always make more (wasn't that a Frito Lays slogan at one time?)


Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Your cards look fun - will be difficult for 'swappers' to decide I should think. I never seem to get round to these fun projects - where do my days all go???

soulbrush said...

soulbrush is in 7th heaven, what a choice, i will e mail you right now! tee hee isn't this fun???

RHCarpenter said...

Joan, it is fun to know just a little card in the mail makes for a happy day, whether you are sending it or receiving it!
Soulbrush, me, too!! So happy we have worked this out and that I have gotten to know you a bit more in the process.

Margaret Ann said...

Good news...I have reserved Stained Glass Blossom #3 for you...May I trade you for Hay Bales??? Let me know

Margaret Ann said...

I love the hay bales in Wales Rhonda...Has it been claimed?...(I thought I left a comment a couple of days ago but it's not here...)Let me know if it is still open...:)

RHCarpenter said...

It is your's, MA!!!! Let me catch my breath and I'll send it out to you this week - perhaps tomorrow??