Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday's Class: Fluid Acrylics + Liquid Gesso + Lots of Water

In class Tuesday, Sandy taught us a fluid acrylic and liquid gesso technique. Without a drawing or a photo reference, we sprayed our 1/2 sheet of watercolor paper just enough to be wet with some dry areas. Then we took 5 colors of fluid acrylics, added water like with watercolor, and started dropping on the acrylic, spraying it when we wanted it to run and blend.

This first one became a red-rock cliffside. Not finished yet but I will get back to it soon.

The process was fun but a bit anxiety producing. Good thing we had good things to eat. I took in blueberry muffins for Sandy's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sandy!) and Bonnie gave me a box of dark chocolate mints that were melt-in-your-mouth delicious - and I did share.

It was a day of exploring a new medium and seeing what it will and won't do and then going from there to create something out of what we saw after the initial work. After you had the acrylics on as you wanted, you brushed on thinned white gesso in places and let that run and blend - using a spray bottle to push it around or push it off the paper. Then you had to wait until everything dried before going back in with acrylics - or you could go back in with watercolor (if you put some matte medium in the water you used to work the watercolors so it would stick to the acrylic underpainting).

Not sure what this might turn out to be - a landscape with trees? - a dragon? what? I'm showing it each way so you can see something and tell me what you see. I don't see much of anything.

But, as an added birthday present for Sandy, I saved my whites :) hee hee

Cliffs on 1/2 sheet Fabriano Artistico coldpress paper, Unknown Thing on 1/2 sheet Rising Stonehenge drawing paper.

The Cincinnati Watercolor Society met this morning and watched the George James DVD, "Mastering Yupo." You can see a clip of this DVD at
The group painted along, using the DVD and a great handout of information shared by Marilyn Bishop. I'll share more of that tomorrow when I get it all typed up for the GCWS blog.

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Dawn said...

looks like alot of fun Rhonda!

the painting looks abit like jelly fish to me;)