Friday, August 1, 2008

Suet Duel

A suet duel!

Who will win? The red-bellied woodpecker or the bluejay? I'd bet on the woodpecker - that bill is longer and sharper and it's head is made for pounding!

Most of the time, the birds know there is enough for everyone so they wait their turn and don't try to bully anyone away. This little jay was getting impatient, though, and Red was saying, Wait your turn!"

Photo by Jerry taken on our back deck. (Tomorrow is Jerry's birthday and instead of being in Alaska, as he was planning, he will be home with me! Now what can I do that would compare to a trip to Alaska in interest and beauty and fun?!?)


Vicki Greene said...

Great picture! I just hung fresh suet out and had been enjoying the birds today at the feeder. Tell Jerry "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". You or Alaska? Alaska may be very beautiful but also very cold so I am sure he will be happy to be home with you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful beautiful photo Rhonda.

Wish Jerry a happy birthday from me, it's a bummer that he couldn't make that trip on the very last minute :(


Claudia said...

Hello Rhonda,

you do such a nice artwork, I wanted to pass on an award to you. Please come to my site to see,
kind regards,

RHCarpenter said...

Thanks, Vicki, Teresa and Claudia!
Vicki, I think he's okay with being here - unfortunately, his luggage is still somewhere else and he's getting no help from Delta :(
Thank you so much, Claudia. I am going to visit the bloggers you listed - some I haven't seen before.