Monday, August 4, 2008

Jerry in Kentucky Living Magazine

Kathy Witt, a writer for Kentucky Living magazine, interviewed Jerry a month or so ago. The article based on that interview, is in the August issue. Go to

for the article.

And if you're looking for a frog gift (a gift with a frog theme, not a gift for your pet frog), Kathy has listed these Northern KY shops:

At Newport on the Levee,, a collection of handcrafted Good Luck frogs big and small, made of metal and ceramic and with Latin American flair, are leaping off the shelves at Mango Arts. A hop, skip, and leap down the road in Bellevue’s Historic Fairfield District,, frogs are everywhere: they have a starring role at Splendid Things, in enamel picture frames, cast-iron wall hooks and doorstops, wind chimes, bird feeders, hand-beaded key chains, and hand-painted necklaces from Guatemala, among other items. At the Cozy Cottage, the frog is given his due in artisan-made planters, pot holders, oven towels, and other home accessories.

And stop by any NKY Graeter's and order a Frog Bog Sundae - made of mint chocolate chip ice cream with bitter-sweet chocolate sauce plus green and brown sprinkles. Jerry and I tried one from the Fort Thomas Graeter's and the person behind the counter left off the sprinkles :( but it was pretty good.

Frog carrier for your sundae dish is optional, of course! And if you get your pet frog to do this for you be careful he doesn't carry it too long or he'll get an awful "ice freeze" headache!

I've got some things to do today that will keep me from painting but I do have an artboard with a failed painting on it gessoed and sanded and will do something with that - perhaps the waterfalls project for August from WatercolorWorkshop (the Yahoo group).


Deborah A. Léger said...

Great article! Congratulations Jerry!!!

(He really does love his frogs, doesn't he? Was he a leaf frog until you kissed him, Rhonda?)

And wow, even Frog Bog Sundaes! It 'bog-gles' my mind!

I'm sorry though, I just can't share your love of them, even though as a kid, I used to explore "The Pollywog Pond" for eggs, take them home and raise them until they hit the 'froglet' stage (love that word, by the way!) and then they were carried across the highway and let loose. At that stage, they scared the heck out of me. And still do.

I admire Jerry's work though because I know how important they are to our survival.


I think we should refer to Jerry as the Champion of Frogs!

RHCarpenter said...

Deb, I'll just call Jerry my Frog Prince :) He loves all critters and I guess he always has.