Thursday, August 7, 2008

George James DVD: Mastering Yupo - Virtual Workshop at the Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society

I thought this was an interesting way to see an internationally recognized, award-winning artist teach a workshop on his techniques on yupo. Marilyn Bishop (who also started the GCWSociety) had the DVD and projector all set up for us when we got there. The members who wanted to paint along brought their paints, got set up and watched sections of the DVD and then Marilyn stopped the DVD and they painted what he had painted. It worked well and I think most people were learning new things about yupo.

You can see more about the virtual workshop and the meeting at the GCWSociety blog at later this week (after I get the minutes all typed and sent to Sandy to put on the blog.
Or go to the Creative Catalyst site and view a short snippit from this DVD and others.

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Nava said...

That's a great idea!! I've watched 2 DVDs of George James, and was at the demo he gave our watercolor society. I do wish I took his workshop as well, but it was back-to-back with that of John Salminen's, and one can only do so many workshops. Well, I at least react badly to an overdose of workshops.... but hey, maybe next time.